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About Us

We are the only rugby club in north-east Berlin and have three men’s, one women’s and several youth teams. We play our home matches in the stadium Buschallee in Hansastrasse.

Rugby is a sport that demands ambition, discipline and fair-play but also develops assertiveness, creativity and is always good for some fun with your best friends. Rugby is definitely the ideal sport for children and teenagers because it develops team spirit and companionship. The players learn to accept rules, to meet the opposite player with respect and fairness, to celebrate victories together but also to process losses together.

Our senior first team plays in Germany’s highest division, the Bundesliga. Our second team regularly won the third division competition and mainly consists of young talented players while our third team is a casual team consisting mainly of older players and new players who just want to have a bit of fun. After our training sessions, most of the guys meet up in the club house to have a good time.

Our women’s team is playing in the German Women’s 7s-Division. They regularly won the pre-round (7s regional division) in the last years.

We are especially proud of our strong youth section which makes up the majority of our club. We are one of the most successful clubs in youth rugby in Germany and won numerous German championships in the last couple of years. Players from our club get nominated for various German junior national teams each year. We have teams in every age group from U8s all the way up to U18s who are coached and supervised by qualified coaches. Almost all of our senior players started playing rugby for at least one of our youth teams. We play in various tournaments around the country and in Europe and don’t even stop in the winter when we move to the gymnasium to play touch rugby. We also offer various activities off the pitch, for example summer and winter camps, training camps, Christmas parties etc.

New players no matter what age or gender are always welcome in our club. We will certainly make sure you feel welcome. Just come down to any of our training sessions. Training times you may find under the individual team-sites (“Herren = Men”, “Frauen = Women”, “Nachwuchs = Youth”).

Our club committee

How is our club organized? Who should you contact in case of questions? You can find an overview of the who-is-who of RK 03 Berlin below.

1. chairman (President)

Ingo Goessgen

2. chairman (Infratructure & Organization)

Alexander Schmidt


Gert Lieck

Sports secretary

Frank Wersinger

Press secretary

Lutz Joachim

Women's secretary

Youth secretary

Michaela Schlaak

Stephan Echtermeyer

Kit manager

Member representative


Anne Lormis & Sascha Ebel

In addition, these other people may be able to help you…

Sports director

Christian Lill

Team manager 1st XV

Team manager 2nd XV

Event manager


Lutz Joachim

Stefan Giebels

noch nicht besetzt

Veikko Junghans

Innovation team

Sabine Schulze & Julia Büttner

Contact international events

Frank Willemsen

We even have our own club song which you can listen to in this little video here:



Über uns

Wir sind der einzige Rugbyverein im Nordosten von Berlin und haben drei Männermannschaften, ein Frauenteam und verschiedenste Kinder- und Jugendmannschaften. Unsere Heimspiele tragen wir im Stadion Buschallee an der Hansastraße aus.


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